Vintage Lawyers – Strategically Managing ATO Audits, Tax Disputes and Tax Litigation

ATO Audits, Tax Disputes and Tax Litigation

Our Tax Lawyers have a passion for, and are experienced in, strategically managing ATO audits, tax disputes and tax litigation.

We differentiate ourselves from other tax lawyers because we have considerable experience from within and outside the Australian Taxation Office (“ATO”) as well as have an in-depth understanding of tax law and rules of evidence.

Vintage Lawyers offer several tax dispute and tax litigation services ranging from assisting taxpayers making a voluntary disclosure, tax disputes concerning access and information, tax reviews, tax audits and investigations, resolving tax disputes administratively, tax evasion and crime, criminal prosecutions for tax offences, and tax litigation.

Voluntary Disclosure

Our Tax Lawyers are experienced in strategically managing voluntary disclosures to ensure that your disclosure will be regarded by the Tax Office as having been made voluntarily and that you are entitled to a reduction in base penalties for making a voluntary disclosure. Accordingly, Vintage Lawyers can assist you with making voluntary disclosures concerning:

Tax Disputes concerning Access and Information

The Taxation Commissioner have a range of access and information gathering powers at law, such as the power to:

  • Access buildings
  • Obtain information, documents and evidence
  • Require information to be furnished
  • Require taxpayers to attend and give evidence
  • Require books, documents and other papers
  • Gather information offshore through offshore information notices
  • Issue search warrants

Vintage Lawyers can assist you in challenging the Taxation Commissioner’s access and information gathering powers should you have a legal basis to do so.

Tax Reviews and Tax Audits

Our Tax Lawyers are experienced in strategically managing GST / tax reviews and tax audits for our clients up until the tax audit completion date, being either the date our client had been issued with a notice of assessment or the date our client received an audit finalisation letter from the Tax Office. Accordingly, Vintage Lawyers aim to settle GST and tax disputes administratively and early in the process, although we recognise that GST and tax litigation may occasionally be necessary for resolving these disputes.

Accordingly, we can assist you with the following tax review and audits:

  • Individuals and Small Enterprises
  • Medium Enterprises
  • High Net Wealth Individuals
  • GST Audits

Resolving Tax Disputes Administratively

A majority of tax disputes can be resolved internally with the Tax Office. We can assist you with resolving your tax dispute administratively with the Tax Office through the following avenues:

  • Private rulings
  • Taxation objections to private rulings
  • Taxation objections to tax assessments
  • Remission of penalties
  • Remission of general interest charge
  • Debt Negotiations and Payment Plan Arrangements
  • Settlements
  • Director Penalty Notices
  • Class rulings

Tax Crime and Investigations

The Tax Office investigates serious non-compliance by taxpayers, such as tax fraud or evasion, while the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (“CDPP”) prosecutes taxpayers involved in serious tax offences. The Tax Office will use the full force of the law if you have decided not to comply with your tax obligations or involved in tax fraud or evasion.

We can assist you with strategically managing the following taxation investigations:

  • ATO Promoter Taskforce Investigations
  • Project Wickenby Investigations
  • Fraudulent Phoenix Arrangements
  • Trust Taskforce Investigations
  • GST Fraud and Administrative Overpayments
  • Cash Economy Investigations
  • Tax Avoidance Scheme
  • Organised Crime

We can also represent you with criminal actions undertaken by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) or another State or Federal Department concerning:

  • serious offences for tax fraud or tax evasion
  • summary offences under the Taxation Administration Act 1953 (Cth) such as failure to lodge income tax returns and business activity statements

Tax Litigation

Our Tax Lawyers can assist you with resolving your tax dispute concerning:

  • Appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal
  • Appeals to Federal Court
  • Appeals to High Court

We can also represent you in civil actions undertaken by the Tax Office, such as opposing insolvency proceedings commenced by the Taxation Commissioner.

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